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A graduate of Melbourne University and RMIT, Leslie Eastman has held many solo and collaborative exhibitions nationally, at venues such as ACCA, Linden and Experimenta, and internationally. He has been the recipient of grants from the Australian Film Commission, the Australia Council for the Arts and Arts Victoria. 

His installation works utilise a range of media including lenses and light, large scale mirrors, drawing and video to explore the deceptively simple fact of our presence in and perception of the world. 

The work explores the issue of the subject and its enigmatic relationship to the unbounded environment, or another way is to say that the artwork opens onto the environment, the greatest context, and its relationship to the finite subject. 

Leslie has often worked in collaboration with both artists and writers as a way of questioning conventional assumptions about authorship as well as working in response to a situation or location as a way of extending and testing the role of art practice and its outcomes. 

Leslie was a key member of Light Projects, an experimental project space in Melbourne which held over thirty exhibitions by local and international artists addressing themes of psychoanalysis and perception. See

Leslie holds a PhD in Fine Art from Monash Art Design and Architecture where he worked for 20 years coordinating studios in Painting and Drawing. 

Leslie is currently a Senior Lecturer in Interior Design at RMIT

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